Shark Bay topo

I have just put together a topo for Shark Bay, a DWS area quite close to Dibba. It was actually the location of the first ever DWS route (*) on that coast in 2006, but until now I had forgotten the location. A good range of routes from F4+ to F6b+. There are also several unclimbed projects.

A few photos:

Dave Watson on Insouciance F6b+ © Vanessa Becker

Mohammed the boatman contemplating the jump from Mohammed’s Route F4+ © Theo Giani

Emily Manuel on Whitewash F6a

A similar topo is in production for the Read Stack, further up the coast.

* EDIT: Alan Stark reminded me that the Cook brothers did some DWS in 1999/ 2000 ish near Dibba. From Damian’s article, which I will upload shortly, it sounds like they looked at the coast from a “serious rip-off” boat, but didn’t climb, but did traverse a bit along the coast from Zighy Bay.


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