The wisdom of Antoine Fabre

In the brief history of UAE rock climbing, Antoine is the chossaneer’s chossaneer. Aside from a wide range of bold ascents of tall tottering features in the guidebook’s region, he also did some meaningful ascents in “proper” Oman, such as the first one day ascent of the French Pillar of Misht (Dan Donovan and I made the second or third). I corresponded with Antoine briefly about some confusion over the line of one of his routes at Shady Circus. It rapidly became clear that he wasn’t someone who dwelt excessively in the past … nor took climbing too seriously:

“It was about 10 years ago. So I might be slightly wrong about the details of the line on the photograph …. As a geologist I know that the past is fading away, rocks are being eroded and washed into the sea, whatever we do in our short lives has little importance, except of course: playing music, drinking good wines and f***ing girls ….”

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