What’s in? What’s not?

The book will have detailed descriptions for:

Khasab Beach

Beyond RAK
Shady Circus

RAK Inland
Disc World
The Cleavage
Yellow House
Roadside (including Ramadan Crag)

Wadi Bih
Celestial Wall (central section)
Aini Wall
Cascade Circus (central section)
Spice World (central section)

The Southern Slope
Tawiyan Crag
Jebel Idhn

Dibba Inland
Damian’s Boulders
Wadi Hilti
Bend in the Road

Dibba Coast
Conga Line
The Rotisserie
Gen’s Cave
Limah Rock
Barracuda Stack
Golden Stack

Hatta Crag

Al Ain

Abu Dhabi
Crag on 34th

Several large cliffs with multi-pitch routes have been omitted, though their locations are flagged in the maps for each section and the information archived on the web. Similarly several minor trad cliffs in Wadi Bih have been treated similarly. The main reasons:

  1. the book is already 200 pages
  2. there has to be a trade-off between space in the book and its potential use. For example, the 500m routes in the Jungle Book would need several pages to document properly, but at best might see one ascent a year (even though they look amazing).
  3. there’s so much rock in the UAE and Oman that the number of potential new long trad routes is virtually infinite … so creating the expectation that everything anyone pioneers will find its way into a book is totally unrealistic. The web is clearly the place for this stuff.

Apologies to anyone who is offended by this! Again I am happy to discuss in detail with anyone who wants.  Or use the comment box.


4 Responses to “What’s in? What’s not?”

  1. Pete says:

    Really looking forward to seeing the New Testament of Choss in print. From released drafts it looks a really great job

  2. elvis says:

    Glad to see you left out Jebel fayah :) my museum of bolting tools will remain untouched ?

  3. admin says:

    But it is still marked on the overview map for that area. So your tools may not be safe. Then again, JF is several km long.

  4. [...] (1) I have described in the book itself and before on this blog how routes and cliffs were selected, so I am not going to repeat myself in detail. [...]