The Pyramid

The Pyramid is a large (300m?) semi-sea-stack above the Barracuda Stack, mentioned as a project in the Dibba Coast section of the UAE guidebook. 

Aiden Laffey and I made the first ascent on 12 November, approaching in Aiden’s yacht from Fujairah marina. Mike Olver supported us: helpfully staying awake through the night on the outbound leg and watching out for trouble whilst we climbed. The route is pretty easy (VS’ish) but quite serious with patches of very loose rock. The views from the top are amazing.

The Pyramid from the south
The Pyramid from the north
Looking down at the Barracuda Stack
Aiden following the last pitch
view south from the summit

For anyone interested in a repeat there’s a route description here. It would probably be possible to do the climb in a day using a fast boat out of Dibba.

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