Welcome to UAE Rock Climbing. This page is a collection of new route updates and other resources that supplement the print guidebook. For more information on Red Armada Publishing, or contact details, check the blog.

Where to buy the book

In Dubai: Try the branches of GoSport in Ibn Battuta Mall, Mall of the Emirates and Dubai Mall. The new Adventure HQ store in Time Square should also have stock. In Abu Dhabi: Noukhada may have stock, otherwise contact Red Armada through the blog contact page. Outside the UAE: mail order from Cordee.

Where to get instruction

The practicalities of learning about rock climbing for people based in the UAE are discussed in the book on pages 16-17, entitled "Notes for Beginners". Please note especially these comments about instructors:

"The UAE's lightly-regulated economy makes it easy to set up businesses in many areas with little external accreditation. The outdoor adventure business is no exception. Consequently there is no shortage of firms offering experiences of various kinds in hiking, trekking, abseiling, via ferrata, caving, etc. Some use the term "rock climbing" amongst their activities and some offer instruction of various kinds. Always check the professional qualifications of individuals involved in these activities and get a second opinion on their value."

In that context, the following organisations are currently known to employ instructors with appropriate qualifications (UK-certified) for offering rock climbing instruction. The list was updated in November 2011:

Arabia Outdoors, based in Dubai, actively offer individual and group courses.

Absolute Adventure, based in Dibba, actively offer individual and group courses.

Global Climbing, based in RAK, may be able to offer bespoke individual and group courses.

Al Shaheen, based in RAK, target the public sector and corporate clients, and do not officially offer courses to individuals, but may be worth contacting.

In general, Red Armada Publishing recommends asking any purported climbing instruction provider to evidence holding one of these recognised qualifications and rejecting any provider who cannot do so. Moreover, Red Armada Publishing does not guarantee the quality of any provider, including those listed above.

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the First Ascent list

The list (last updated November 2009)

New and Omitted Routes

The following material supplements the guidebook, either being a record of new routing activity since the guidebook or information that couldn't be included in the book because of lack of space. The list is in the same order as the guidebook chapters. Items in uppercase are especially substantial:

EDIT: I have decided to remove some of this material from the public domain. If there's something you are looking for, let me know via the contact form at the blog.

Hazel Findlay/ Mark Synott - northern Musandam routes (2012)

Beyond RAK
Maurizio Piccoli - Exit Surprise (2012)
Aiden Laffey - The Gambler (2011)
Aiden Laffey - Snakecharmer (2011)
Peter Thompson - Ghalilah Headwall (2011)
Aiden Laffey - Wadi Roulette (2010)
Clint Eastwood Crag (2010)
Toby Foord-Kelcey - Acquiescence (2009)
Aiden Laffey - Dove from Above (2008/9)
other Wadi Ghalilah routes (pre-2006)

RAK Inland
Ralph Heath - Birthday Crag (2012)
Ralph Heath - 3Somes (2012)
Ralph Heath - Zombie Skull (2012)
Ralph Heath - Thunder (2012)
Andy La Bonte - Little Princess (2012)
The Cube update (2012)
Farside (2011)
Pete Thompson - Yellow House update (2011)
Andy La Bonte - Vertical Vice (2010)
Dickinandozer additions (2009/10)
Pete Thompson - Trident (2009)
Pete Thompson - Hila additions (2008/9)
Jebel Hila routes (pre-2006)

Wadi Bih
other Wadi Bih routes - Satellite to Senga's Crag (pre-2006)
other Wadi Bih routes - Wadi Louab (pre-2006)
other Wadi Bih routes - Cascades to Staple Diet (pre-2006)
other Wadi Bih routes - Tombstone to Evening Wall (pre-2006)
other Wadi Bih routes - Great Pillar (pre-2006)

Southern Slope
Tawiyan update (2012)
Colloseum topo (2013)

Dibba Inland
Brian Coones - The Ranch (2012)
The Blindspot (2012)
Gordon Rech - The Narrows (2010)
Aiden Laffey - Wasp Attack (2008)
other Dibba Inland routes (pre-2006)
Various notes from Stephen Hyndman (2013)
Nant Bidi info (2014) at

Dibba Coast
Read Stack DWS (2012)
Shark Bay DWS (2012)
Toby Foord-Kelcey - The Pyramid (2010)
ancient Alpine Club notes on Musandam

Jebel Fayah and Jebel Sumayni (pre-2006)

Al Ain
Theo Giani - NPZ Update (2012)
Paul's Secret Boulders (2012)
Solomon Lau - Wonderwall problems (2011)
Shark Fin (2010)
Bunny Wall (2010)
Jebel Umm Bak and Jebel Dhawan (pre-2006)
Wonderwall Far Left (pre-2006)
Various Wonderwall updates (2014) at
Various NPZ updates (2014) at